Free write 6.12.24 

Fear of Extinction Wills the Human Bee to Put its Soul into Something Lasting


Sculpture at San Jose State (2010) 35mm © Annie Hendrix

Freewrite 6.12.24
(Lightly edited)

soul stealer
steel hinges

shafts, nuts, 
and bolts

breathes life 
into the standing

somewhere fast

accelerated universe
cringe and laugh

the dead end
dead earth

will make amends;

live for the moment
for the world's fire

the seed of desire 
will only grow

fast growth leads to early 
death in the plant world

fear of extinction 
wills the human bee

to put its soul
into something lasting

a time capsule, a
self-fulfilling prophecy

afraid to disappear,
life's eternal quest

speeds up the dying
divided between

what we are, and 
what we must become

numb and unfeeling 

Sculpture at San Jose State Close-up (2010) © Annie Hendrix

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