Writing through the Dark

My creative writing interests began early. We studied poetry in elementary school as a way of learning to process grief, a practice that has become invaluable to me. In fourth grade I received a journal and remember writing down funny thoughts and things my friends would say. Later those notes turned into poems, and at the age of sixteen when I was gifted my first guitar, they became songs.

I still use writing as a way of processing my experience and communicating my feelings. I encourage anyone struggling with the human condition to pick up a pen or a pencil and see what happens. The blank page is waiting for you.


I write, produce, and publish original music. I studied music composition in college and am skilled at writing, arranging, orchestrating, and recording music. I've worked professionally as a songwriter for Enuma Inc., The Imaginists Theatre Collective, and numerous private parties.


Poetry is my longest-running creative pursuit. I rarely submit to publications, but have published twice. I recently compiled a book-length collection of the best of the last fifteen years of my poetry, and am working toward its publication.

Comedy, Screenwriting, and Playwriting

I got into comedy writing because I needed to laugh. I've taken a few comedy writing courses at Sacramento Comedy Spot including Standup 101 & 201 and Comedy Screenwriting, and have written and performed 10 minutes of standup comedy.


I am the proud author of two messy National Novel Writing Month Manuscripts:

Pantser is the working title of my first NaNoWriMo project.  A "pantser" is an author that "writes by the seat of their pants." Long story short, I winged it, and ended up with a 50,000+ word manuscript. Pantser is the story of a blocked artist who leaves his ordinary life behind when he meets Ashleigh, a time traveling art model, who is trying to alter the circumstances surrounding her mother's death. 

I participated in National Novel Writing Month again in 2022 and ended up with a 25,000 word manuscript. Set in Petaluma, CA's punk rock scene, Everytime I Dance I Cry is a fictionalized memoir about trauma, mental illness, and the impact of the opioid epidemic on an already struggling and divided community.